Synthesis, X-ray crystallographic studies, DFT calculations and nanostructural features of annulated imidazo[4,5-<i>b</i>]pyridine derivatives

2017-11-30T21:31:43Z (GMT) by Aniruddha Das
<p>Friedländer-type condensation of 5-amino-4-cyano-1-(phenyl/<i>p</i>-substitutedphenyl)imidazole with cycloalkanone was done by refluxing the mixture with a suspension of anhydrous aluminum chloride in dry 1,2-dichloroethane to produce 7-amino-3-aryl(5,6)cycloalkanoimidazolo[4,5-<i>b</i>]pyridine. Single X-ray crystallographic diffraction studies had shown that compounds had different types of heterodimeric, homodimeric π–π stacking, T-type stacking, and intermolecular hydrogen bonds which lead to nanostructure formation detected by scanning electron microscope. DFT calculation had also been performed to quantify heterodimeric π–π and T-stacking interactions.</p>