Synovial sarcoma: case report

<div><p>ABSTRACT Introduction: Synovial sarcomas are rare and aggressive neoplasms located in the head and neck region and usually occurs in young adults. Presentation of case: This report presents a case of synovial sarcoma in a 15-year-old male patient who sought medical treatment for painful symptoms and associated dysphagia. The lesion was nodular, extensive, localized in the parotid region, and extended to the left cervical region. The patient was treated in a referral hospital with a treatment protocol that initially included chemotherapy for six months and surgery to attempt to excise the lesion, but the surgery was ineffective because removal could have damaged important vital structures. The Computed Tomography scan showed a hypodense area with diffuse growth and no involvement of the facial bones and the histopathological analysis revealed pleomorphic and oval spindle cells with rounded epithelial cells that formed nests surrounded by fibrous tissue. The Immunohistochemistry analysis was conclusive for the diagnosis of a high-grade SS in the parotid and left cervical regions. The medical team opted for palliative treatment with cervical radiotherapy. The patient remained hospitalized for four months after the surgery and died after 15 months since the diagnosis for compromise of airway by fast tumor growth. Conclusion: The synovial sarcoma, when diagnosed late may reduce the survival of patients because of the complications that tumor growth can bring to the prognosis and quality of life.</p></div>