Survey of epiphytes before and after transplantation across an altitudinal gradient of increasing cloud immersion along the eastern slope of the Andes, Peru.

2014-01-14T08:31:23Z (GMT) by Joshua M. Rapp Miles R. Silman
<p>Full data set including all epiphyte ramets surveyed in 2005, before transplanting epiphyte mats, and in 2006, after transplantation. Columns are as follows: Mat.num, a unique number for each transplanted mat; From.elev, the elevation of the mat before transplantation; To.elev, the elevation of the mat after transplanting; From.tree, the tree the mat was in before transplantation; To.tree, the tree the mat was in after transplanting; Ramet.num, unique number for each ramet in a mat; mSpecies, morpho-species of the ramet; Guild, life-form of the ramet (fern, orchid, or shrub); Ramet.condition, condition of the ramet in 2006 (a: alive, d: dead, f: fresh, m: mature, n: new, s: senescent); treatment, undisturbed control or transplanted mat. Study location: Kosñipata Valley, Peru (13°03′S, 71°33′W). Data was collected between June-July in 2005 and 2006.</p>