Suppression of Drug Resistance in Bacteria by Mg2+ Reduction through Extracellular Adenosine

2012-10-11T08:38:58Z (GMT) by Maurice Devaraj
<p>This paper presents the effects of extracellular ATP, ADP, AMP, and adenosine on the occurrence of streptomycin resistance in E.coli.</p> <p><a></a>Results from this research show that extracellular ATP and adenosine decreased the occurrence of streptomycin resistant mutants, while extracellular ADP and AMP increased the occurrence of streptomycin resistant mutants. </p> <p>These compounds appear to influence the mutatability of E.coli for resistance to streptomycin by affecting the levels of Mg<sup>2+</sup> in the cell. </p>