Supporting Information from DualPhos: a versatile,chemoselective reagent for two-carbon aldehyde to latent (<i>E</i>)-alkenal homologation and application in the total synthesis of phomolide G

2016-11-16T14:25:49Z (GMT) by David McLeod James McNulty
Advances on the use of the 2-pinacolacetal-tripropylphosphonium salt DualPhos as a general reagent for the two-carbon aldehyde to alkenal homologation and a chemoselective iron (III) chloridemediated deprotection are described. The strategy allows isolation of the latent alkenal intermediates or direct hydrolysis to (<i>E</i>)-alkenals. The robust chemical stability of the latent alkenals is demonstrated in a total synthesis of the macrolactone phomolide G.