Supplementary data for Chen et al., 2019

2019-09-26T18:33:11Z (GMT) by Lin-Xing Chen
Supplementary Figures, Tables and Information for "Wide distribution of phage that infect freshwater SAR11 bacteria" by Lin-Xing Chen et al., 2019 (pending for DOI)

Legends to Supplementary Tables and Figures.pdf contains the full legends, while short descriptions are shown below.

Table S1. Geochemical characteristics of samples collected from EPL, I-EPL and BMMRE.

Table S2. Information of published genomes of marine SAR11 (Pelagibacter) infecting phages.

Table S3. The distribution of protein families in the HTVC019Pvirus phage genome.

Table S4. The distribution of protein families in each HTVC010P-related phage genome.

Table S5. Codon usage frequency of phage, bacterial and archaeal genomes reconstructed from EPL and I-EPL samples.

Table S6. The detection of phages similar to those reported in this study in the published Lake Mendota data.

Table S7. Coverage and relative abundance of Fonsibacter and phages in Mendota Lake.

Table S8. General information of related TerL sequences obtained from IMG platform.

Fig. S1. The complete genome of Fonsibacter_30_26 with a prophage.

Fig. S2. The absence of rpL30 gene in SAR11 genomes.

Fig. S3. Mapping of paired-end reads from EPL samples to the complete genome of Fonsibacter_30_26.

Fig. S4. The hypervariable region of Fonsibacter_30_26.

Fig. S5. The alignment of phage genomes.

Fig. S6. Relative abundance of Fonsibacter (accumulated) and infecting phages with complete genomes reconstructed from EPL and I-EPL samples.

Fig. S7. Related phages in Lake Mendota samples.

Fig. S8. Phylogenetic analyses of HNH endonuclease identified in Fonsibacter phages.

Fig. S9. The detection of phages related to the ones reported in this study in global freshwater and marine/saline habitats.

Fig. S10. Phylogenetic analyses showed a single lineage of uv-Fonsiphage-EPL related phages detected in freshwater ecosystems.

Fig. S11. Phylogenetic analyses of Fonsibacter based on the ribosomal protein S3 (rpS3) nucleotide sequences.