Supplementary Tables 1-6 from A eukaryotic nicotinate-inducible gene cluster: convergent evolution in fungi and bacteria

Supplementary Tables 1-6. Table S1. Purine- and nicotinate dehydrogenases in the Eukaryota; Table S2. Gain- and loss-of-function alleles of hxnR and hxnS; Table S3. Orthologue hxnR loci and accession numbers of corresponding HxnR orthologues; Table S4. The loci of hxnS and/or hxnR genes in species in six classes of Pezizomycotina; Table S5. A. nidulans strains used in this work; Table S6. Primers used in this study for qRT-PCR, sequencing, cloning, construction of gene replacement cassettes and obtaining of gene-specific probes.