Supplementary Movie from A dynamically diluted alignment model reveals the impact of cell turnover on the plasticity of tissue polarity patterns

Typical simulation run of the IPS model on a 100-by-100 lattice with periodic boundary conditions. The movie covers 1 time unit in the non-dimensionalised model time; time resolution of visualisation is 0.001. See main text figure 2C for colour code. The bottom left detail of the same simulation is shown in main text figure 3A, subpanels a-d, for times 0.05, 0.2, 0.5, 0.8, and its analysis is shown in main text figure 3B. Parameters are neighbour coupling strength epsilon_n=4.5, cell replacement rate delta=0.2, de-novo polarisation rate beta=1 and coupling strength to global signal epsilon_s=1, the global signal s=(1,0) points to the right.