Supplementary Material from Data-driven dynamical model indicates that the heat shock response in <i>Chlamydomonas reinhardtii</i> is tailored to handle natural temperature variation

This supplement contains the detailed description of topics which where only summarized in the main text, and some additional applications of the model. In particular, it includes all the details of the mathematical model, including the equations, rate laws and parameter values which constitutes the model. Further, the calibration procedures by which we determined the values of the model's parameters are described in detail, from the Monte Carlo sampling of the parameter space, to the local optimization by gradient search. Additionally, an assessment of the impact of small changes in each parameter on the global fit between model's simulations and data is included. We subsequently characterize the response to double heat shocks, by including in particular additional simulations which underline the behaviour of each variable in the model. We further include additional applications of the model, e.g. to study acclimation to increased temperatures by reaching a new steady state, and we characterize those steady states. We finally include an assessment of the robustness of our main results w.r.t. changes in few key parameters of the model.