Supplementary Material for: Polymorphism in a Human Chromosome-Specific Interstitial Telomere-Like Sequence at 22q11.2

2011-06-29T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Samassekou O. Yan J.
Interstitial telomeric sequences (ITSs) are common in human. We previously reported the presence of an ITS at 22q11.2 which is in the vicinity of the genomically unstable region involved in 22q11 rearrangements. Recently, we studied the molecular status of the ITS 22q11.2 in the normal population. The amplification of an ITS at 22q11.2 showed different patterns ranging from 1–4 kb, confirming the highly polymorphic nature of this sequence. The linkage analysis of the ITS at 22q11.2 in members of 10 different families demonstrated a strong relation between offspring and parents. In contrast, the study of a DiGeorge case and his 2 parents revealed the presence of a novel allele probably inherited from the father. These results open an avenue for the use of this sequence as an allelic marker, and its implication in 22q11.2-related pathogenesis.