Supplementary Material for: Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement in Clinical Dermatological Practice: Relevance and Feasibility of a Web-Based Portal

Background/Aims: Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are increasingly considered important. We developed a web-based application to electronically assess PROs in routine dermatological practice. We assessed (1) the relevance of PRO measurement according to health care providers and patients, (2) the feasibility of our application in routine practice according to health care providers, supporting staff and patients, and (3) barriers/facilitators for implementation according to health care providers and supporting staff. Methods: Health care providers, supporting staff and patients completed study-specific questionnaires. Also, website statistics were analysed. Results: 3/6 clinics participated, including 9 professionals and 80 patients. Both health care providers and patients rated PRO measurement as relevant. However, implementation was only moderately feasible. Time constraints and logistical problems were mentioned as barriers, and motivated patients and supportive staff as facilitators. Conclusion: Electronic PRO assessment in routine practice is not self-evident. Adjustments in logistics are recommended to optimize implementation, using a plan-do-study-act approach.