Supplementary Material for: Genomic Sequence and Analysis of EhV-99B1, a New Coccolithovirus from the Norwegian Fjords

Coccolithoviruses are giant dsDNA viruses that infect Emiliania huxleyi, the most ubiquitous marine microalga. Here, we present the genome of the latest coccolithovirus strain to be sequenced, EhV-99B1, and compare it with two other coccolithovirus genomes (EhV-86 and EhV-163). EhV-99B1 shares a pairwise nucleotide identity of 98% with EhV-163 (the two strains were isolated from the same Norwegian fjord but in different years), and just 96.5% with EhV-86 (isolated in the same spring as EhV-99B1 but in the English Channel). We confirmed and extended the list of relevant genomic differences between these EhVs from the Norwegian fjord and EhVs from the English Channel, namely the removal/insertions of: a phosphate permease, an endonuclease, a transposase, and two specific tRNAs. As a whole, this study provided new clues and insights into the diversity and mechanisms driving the evolution of these large oceanic viruses, in particular those processes involving selfish genetic elements.