Supplementary Material for: Genome-Wide Analysis of the WRKY Transcription Factors in <b><i>Aegilops tauschii</i></b>

The WRKY transcription factors (TFs) play important roles in responding to abiotic and biotic stress in plants. However, due to its unfinished genome sequencing, relatively few WRKY TFs with full-length coding sequences (CDSs) have been identified in wheat. Instead, the <i>Aegilops tauschii</i> genome, which is the D-genome progenitor of the hexaploid wheat genome, provides important resources for the discovery of new genes. In this study, we performed a bioinformatics analysis to identify WRKY TFs with full-length CDSs from the <i>A. tauschii</i> genome. A detailed evolutionary analysis for all these TFs was conducted, and quantitative real-time PCR was carried out to investigate the expression patterns of the abiotic stress-related WRKY TFs under different abiotic stress conditions in <i>A. tauschii</i> seedlings. A total of 93 WRKY TFs were identified from <i>A. tauschii</i>, and 79 of them were found to be newly discovered genes compared with wheat. Gene phylogeny, gene structure and chromosome location of the 93 WRKY TFs were fully analyzed. These studies provide a global view of the WRKY TFs from <i>A. tauschii</i> and a firm foundation for further investigations in both <i>A. tauschii</i> and wheat.