Supplementary Material for: Exclusion of <i>NFYB </i>as candidate gene for congenital splay leg in piglets and radiation hybrid mapping of further five homologous porcine genes from human chromosome 12 (HSA12)

Nuclear transcription factor Y, beta (<i>NFYB)</i> was evaluated as candidate gene for congenital splay leg in piglets based on data from differential display and QTL analysis. We mapped <i>NFYB</i> to pig chromosome 5 (SSC5). By assigning further five porcine genes from the corresponding region on human chromosome (HSA) 12q23.3→ q24.11 to SSC5 and 14 we could confine an evolutionary breakpoint from an interval of more than 10 Mb to less than 400 kb. Comparative sequence analysis of the coding region of <i>NFYB</i> in healthy and splay leg piglets revealed no polymorphism. Inter-species conservation of the codons ranges from 87% to 95% between pig, human, cow, dog, rat and mouse, respectively. The expression of <i>NFYB</i> in M. biceps femoris was not different between healthy and splay leg piglets. However, healthy male piglets had a significantly higher expression than females. Our results exclude <i>NFYB</i> as candidate gene for congenital splay leg but provide a basis for selection of further candidates for the disease from SSC5.




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