Supplementary Material for: Disentanglement of Discordant Monochorionic-Monoamniotic Twins in a Triplet Pregnancy: An Innovative Approach Utilizing Fetoscopic Laser Coagulation with Micro-Laparoscopic Scissor Dissection

Triplet gestations are associated with high perinatal morbidity. Dichorionic-diamniotic triplet pregnancies with growth discordance, polyhydramnios and structural anomalies carry a significantly increased risk of fetal morbidity and mortality from the baseline risks of high-order multiple pregnancies. Intrauterine fetal death of one fetus of a monochorionic pregnancy may cause neurological injury to the surviving fetus. We present a case where an innovative technique was created combining use of the fetoscopic laser and miniature laparoscopic instruments to selectively reduce and disentangle the umbilical cord of the acranial growth-restricted fetus from the structurally normal fetus's umbilical cord in a dichorionic-diamniotic triplet pregnancy.