Supplementary Material for: Der Therapieerleben-Fragebogen (TeF) für Patienten und Angehörige

2008-03-12T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Linden M. Lind A. Quosh C.
The Therapy Experience Questionnaire for Patients and Relatives <i>Background: </i>Building a working alliance in psychotherapy requires that the patient and his relatives have a good understanding of what is going on in therapy. A questionnaire is presented that allows assessing in a multidimensional parallel approach the experiences that patients and close relatives or significant others have with psychotherapy. <i>Methods: </i>118 items were collected and tested in 54 patients and 51 relatives. Subsequently, the number of items was reduced, subscales were constructed on the basis of factor analyses, parallel forms of the questionnaire were built for patients and relatives, and reliability was tested. <i>Results: </i>The final questionnaire consists of 40 items that reliably represent 6 dimensions: (1) fears of negative consequences of therapy, (2) feeling informed about the therapy, (3) positive impact of the therapy on the social network and everyday life, (4) positive consequences of the therapy on personal competencies, (5) personal commitment to the therapy, (6) suspiciousness of the therapy and feelings of helplessness towards it. <i>Conclusions: </i>The ‘Therapy Experience Questionnaire for Patients and Relatives’ is suitable to be completed by patients and close relatives and allows assessing how they perceive the experience of psychotherapy.