Supplementary Material for: Comparative Analysis of a Putative Tuberculosis-Susceptibility Gene, <i>MC3R</i>, and Pseudogene Sequences in Cattle, African Buffalo, Hyena, Rhinoceros and Other African Bovids and Ruminants

Studies in humans have suggested the possible involvement of melanocortin-3-receptor (MC3R) and other components of the central melanocortin system in host defense against mycobacteria. We report a genomic DNA nucleotide sequence highly homologous to human <i>MC3R</i> in several bovids and non-bovid African wildlife species. Nucleotide sequence analysis indicates that the orthologous genes of cattle and buffalo are highly homologous (89.4 and 90%, respectively) to the human <i>MC3R</i> gene. Sequence results also identified a typical non-functional, duplicated pseudogene, <i>MC3RP</i>, in 7 species from the family Bovidae. No pseudogene was found in animals outside Bovidae. The presence of the pseudogene in tuberculosis-susceptible species could have possible immunomodulatory effects on susceptibility to bovine tuberculosis infection, as well as a considerable influence on energy metabolism and food conversion efficiency.