Supplementary Figure S1 from Genetic architecture of age at maturity can generate divergent and disruptive harvest-induced evolution

2016-10-27T10:50:39Z (GMT) by Anna Kuparinen Jeffrey A. Hutchings
The development of the age at maturity in the multi-locus scenario with two alternative sets of survival parameters as indicated by the column heads (immature/mature survival). These survival parameters lead to the adaptation of Atlantic salmon age at maturity at about 2 SW in the absence of fishing. The beginning and the end of fishing are indicated by dashed vertical lines. Fishing mortality is F=0.35 and F=0.40 for the upper and lower panel row, respectively. Highest considered fishing mortality F=0.45 lead to frequent extinctions especially for the survival parameters 0.8/0.1, and are therefore not shown in the figure. Each panel shows 50 replicated simulation runs.