Supplementary Figure 1

Illustration of the morphological characters used in this analysis. The first number denotes the character followed by the state illustrated, see Supporting Table 1,2 for details. All characters and states except Character 12 (Growth pattern) are figured. Taxa represented are: A) Charniodiscus arboreus; B) Avalofractus abalculus; C) Swartpuntia germsi; D) Charnia masoni; E) Pectinifrons abyssalis; F) Culmofrons plumosa; G)Ernietta plateauensis; H) Rangea schneiderhoehni; I) Beothukis mistakensis; J) Fractofusus misrai specimen that is overfolded showing both the dorsal and ventral planes and K) Charniodiscus arboreus specimen overfloded showing differences in coronal plane. The reconstruction of Rangea is modified from Vickers-Rich et al. (2013, Fig. 9).