Supplement 3. Mean values for six floral traits measured on 117 species of Pedicularis.

<h2>File List</h2><p> <a href="Supplement_3.txt">Supplement_3.txt</a> (md5: 58fcc20cb35347b6d564a5007cfeda9e) </p><h2>Description</h2><div> <p>Supplement_3.txt is a tab-separated file. It contains trait values used for species level analyses.</p> <p> 1. species name<br> 2. phyllotaxy<br> 3. corolla tube range low<br> 4. corolla tube range high<br> 5. corolla tube mean<br> 6. galea beak range low<br> 7. galea beak range high<br> 8. galea beak mean<br> 9. presence/absence of nectar<br> 10. position of stigma contact on bumble bee<br> 11. orientation of bumble bee<br> 12. most common corolla color<br> 13. alternate coding of stigma contact position<br> 14. pollination observed vs. inferred </p> </div>