Supplement 1. Table of all data used in the meta-analysis.

2016-08-05T10:48:25Z (GMT) by Jarrett E. Byrnes John J. Stachowicz
<h2>File List</h2><blockquote> <p><a href="predobs_meta_a_data.csv">predobs_meta_a_data.csv</a></p></blockquote><h2>Description</h2><blockquote> <p>Data used for predicted vs. observed values meta-analysis. See the main text for the method of collection and calculation. Columns list the following variables:<br> Reference-- The reference for the data point. See <a href="appendix-A.htm">Appendix A</a> for full citation.<br> Prey-- The type of prey in the experiment.<br> Units-- The units of consumption.<br> Interaction-- The type of interaction analyzed. If Intraspecific, then the test examines the effect of within species interactions. If Interspecific, then the test examines the effect of between species interactions.<br> Prediction Type-- The type of design (Additive or Replacement) used to calculate predicted values.<br> Predator(s)-- The predator species in the experiment.<br> Predicted-- The predicted value of consumption by a treatment. Checksum = 1897.269293.<br> Predicted-- SE The standard error of the predicted estimate. Checksum = 137.7424419.<br> Predicted N-- The sample size used to calculate the predicted estimate. Checksum = 508.<br> Observed-- The observed value of consumption by a treatment. Checksum = 1771.384667.<br> Observed SE-- The standard error of the observation. Checksum = 134.0304841.<br> Observed N-- The sample size of the observation. Checksum = 486.<br> <br>0 Missing Values.</p> </blockquote>