Supplement 1. Software for Bayesian analysis of metapopulation data using the (extended) incidence function model.

2016-08-04T23:56:25Z (GMT) by Cajo J. F. ter Braak Rampal S. Etienne

File List -- zip file containing executables and example data -- zip file containing c source code.


The file contains two compiled programs for use under Microsoft Windows to carry out Bayesian analysis of metapopulation data. Both programs implement the (extended) Hanski incidence function model, one with and the other without the rescue effect. There are two examples with simulated data, one of which mimics the tree frog case study of the paper. Readme-files describe the program and examples.
The file contains the ANSI C source code for the program. The source has been tested using the Borland C++ compiler version 5.02.