Supplement 1. Site and specimen data collected during biodiversity inventories of the Hengduan Mountains region.

<h2>File List</h2><p> <a href="Supplement_1.txt">Supplement_1.txt</a> (md5: 7ce57a45aa2ade2476002a6ab018a005) </p><h2>Description</h2><div> <p>Supplement_1.txt is a tab-separated file. It contains specimen locality data, information on the mean trait and site-specific trait measurements of samples, and site descriptions.</p> <p>1. expedition_name<br> 2. latitude<br> 3. longitude<br> 4. lower_elevation<br> 5. upper_elevation<br> 6. locality_id<br> 7. collector_number<br> 8. species_epithet<br> 9. habitat type<br> 10. flower_color<br> 11. phyllotaxy<br> 12. spp. specific corolla tube range low<br> 13. spp. specific corolla tube range high<br> 14. spp. specific mean corolla tube<br> 15. spp. specific galea beak range low<br> 16. spp. specific galea beak range high<br> 17. spp. specific galea beak mean<br> 18. nectar presence or absence<br> 19. bee orientation<br> 20. position of stigma contact on bumble bees<br> 21. habitat type 2<br> 22. microhabitat<br> 23. plant_description<br> 24. locality_habitat </p> </div>