Supplement 1. Raw species data (sightings) collected by drifting baited stereo-videography in the Perth Canyon CMR.

posted on 10.08.2016 by P. J. Bouchet, J. J. Meeuwig

File List

UWA_PerthCanyon2013_DriftingPelagicCameras.txt (MD5: 6039727105e93ec73e53bd00c8748493)


The data file contains 84 time-stamped, geo-referenced records (not including header row) of the pelagic wildlife (oceanic sharks and fishes) observed within and around the Commonwealth marine national park located at the head of the Perth submarine canyon in southwestern Australia. Sightings derive from a series of dedicated surveys undertaken in March, April and May 2013 using a novel system of drifting baited pelagic video cameras.

Data fields include:
- Latitude (decimal degrees)
- Longitude (decimal degrees)
- Date (day/month/year)
- Time_UTC: Deployment time (GMT/UTC) of the video cameras.
- Sighting_UTC: Time of sighting (first arrival of species within field of view – GMT/UTC).
- Family/Genus/Species: Taxonomic identity.
- Full_name: Scientific name for the species.
- CAAB_code: Unique 8-digit identifier from coding system for aquatic organisms in the Australian region maintained by CSIRO Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia (http://www.marine.csiro.au/caab/).

The data are supplied in ASCII text (tab delimited) format. No compression schemes were used and -9999 values denote records where no data are available.