Supplement 1. R functions to perform SE-SEM and R scripts and data for the examples used in this paper.

File List

Lamb_et_al_2014_Example_Scripts.r (MD5: 442bf05e56ad6aa9e25abcb7efd0e267)

rawdata_Alexfiord.csv (MD5: e1b934551bf56bd930a5e6ed88ec475a)

rawdata_plantcomp.csv (MD5: 350edef7f8b8ddee19d7092585545074)

rawdata_truelove.csv (MD5: 5b4b71effc28860d97c437289c4f0830)

sesem1.0.0.r (MD5: bd91498321cd699f71ab842969ddb6a3)


Lamb et al. 2014. Example Scripts.r – Contains R code to execute examples.

rawdata_Alexfiord.csv – Datafile for the Alexandra Fiord examples.

rawdata_plantcomp.csv – Datafile for the Plant Competition examples.

rawdata_truelove.csv – Datafile for the Truelove lowland examples.

sesem1.0.0.r – Contains R code for spatial structural equation modeling functions.