Supplement 1. R code for simulating long-term soil carbon pools.

<h2>File List</h2><div> <p><a href="myc_ode.txt">myc_ode.txt</a> (MD5: 177ce2ec5175d7a58be65aca79cba19f)</p> <p><a href="myc_solver.txt">myc_solver.txt</a> (MD5: 117ec7041a594a4ca7201108bc75d0dc)</p> <p><a href="myc_perturbation.txt">myc_perturbation.txt</a> (MD5: 3642ff50200485b7da497667baa86559)</p> </div><h2>Description</h2><div> <p>The MATLAB script myc_ode.txt contains a function to be called by MATLAB ODE solver including the ODE equations.</p> <p>The MATLAB script myc_solver.txt contains source code used to solve the ODE equations in myc_ode.txt.</p> <p>The MATLAB script myc_perturbation.txt contains perturbation experiments for parameters and derives solutions analytically.</p> </div>