Supplement 1. Matlab model code and data.

<h2>File List</h2><div> <p><a href="GELAM.m">GELAM.m</a> (MD5: 0b7829a3095eef051873e580609de32b)</p> <p><a href="Location2West.txt">Location2West.txt</a> (MD5: 4ddcd8b65a095ace631d05ca597d125c)</p> </div><h2>Description</h2><div> <p>The MATLAB (version R2010a, MathWorks) script GELAM.m runs a simulation model to estimate acute mortality of golden eagles due to ingesting lead from gut-piles of harvested big game animals and to assess possible mitigation strategies: non-lead ammunition and gut-pile retrieval. GELAM.m runs the simulation both at the state level, and for the Casper example.</p> <p>Location2West.txt contains the data we used in the MATLAB simulations, with the following columns: (1) ID number (FID), (2) number of animals harvested, (3) golden eagle abundance in hunting unit, and (4) size of hunting unit in 100 km² blocks. Information was compiled from publicly available data for Wyoming’s 2012 big game harvest (Wyoming Game and Fish Department 2013, <i>public communication: 2012 annual report of big and trophy game harvest. accessed 13 May 2014</i>) and preliminary, unpublished estimates of late summer Golden Eagle abundance provided by Ryan Nielson (<i>personal communication</i>, <i>Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc., Cheyenne, WY, February 2014</i>).</p> <p>The eagle density data are from ongoing work that may be revised, using methods reported in two publications: </p> <p>Nielson, R. M. and H. Sawyer. 2013. Estimating resource selection with count data. Ecology and Evolution 3:2233–2240.</p> <p>Neilson, R., L. McManus, T. Rintz, L. L. McDonald, R. K. Murphy, W. H. Howe, and R. E. Good. 2014. Monitoring abundance of golden eagles in the Western United States. Journal of Wildlife Management 78:721–730.</p> </div>