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Supplement 1. Data on tree dynamics during secondary succession and wood specific gravity in northeastern Costa Rica.

posted on 04.08.2016, 21:20 by Danaë M. A. Rozendaal, Robin L. Chazdon

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Chazdon_data.txt (MD5: 05f10c673d870ea6e647a56b3ea7b67d)          Permanent plot data

Chazdon_meta.txt (MD5: 90757c3a3ffd54b096105814f2296c86)          Information on the plots

WSG_data.txt (MD5: 210cd495964e565b31d2efb1a0135bb8)          Data on wood specific gravity


This supplement includes the raw data of the permanent sample plots (Chazdon_data.txt), along with information on the characteristics of the plots (Chazdon_meta.txt), as well as data on wood specific gravity (WSG) for 92 tropical tree species from La Selva, Costa Rica.

Note: Robin Chazdon should be contacted before using the data set, to sign a data-use agreement, and to receive the latest version of the data, as updates and corrections (e.g., to species names) are continuously made.

Additional data on WSG is available from Plourde et al. (in press). Average, species-specific WSG was measured as the ratio of dry mass to green volume, from cores or discs of trees ranging from 5–60 cm DBH for each species. Green volume was measured with the water displacement method, then wood samples were dried at 103–105°C for 24–48 hours before dry mass was determined (Plourde et al., in press). See Plourde et al. (in press) for more details on the methodology.

Additional information on some of the columns in Chazdon_data.txt:

StemID – The first number is the site code. The three digits after the first hyphen refer to the subplot number (1-100). The digits after the second hyphen indicate the number of an individual tree within each subplot. If multiple stems are separated below 1.3 m height they are marked separately. Each StemID is unique. 

DBH.1997-2013 – Diameter at 1.3 m height, or above buttresses or stem irregularities for each year.

DBH2.2012-2013 – Second diameter measurement higher in the stem when the point of measurement was changed because of the formation of buttresses or stem irregularities.