Supplement 1. Comparative data on functional traits of chaparral shrubs.

2016-08-10T14:09:16Z (GMT) by David Ackerly
<h2>File List</h2><blockquote> <p></p> <p><a href="dat00001.txt">dat00001.txt</a> - means for functional trait data by species</p> <p><a href="dat00002.txt">dat00002.txt</a> - standard deviations for functional trait data by species</p> <p><a href="dat00003.txt">dat00003.txt </a>- sample sizes for functional trait data by species</p> <p><a href=""></a> - all files</p> </blockquote><h2>Description</h2><p>The data files contains species means, standard deviations (SD), and sample sizes (<i>N</i>) for 36 traits and 20 species. Information on species is listed in Table 1 of the published paper. Methods of the paper describe each trait in detail, and Table 2 provides summary statistics. Missing data are listed as "?". The description of the data file columns is provided below. For traits that were transformed for analysis (see Table 2 of paper), means and SD of transformed values are reported here since standard deviations cannot be properly back-transformed.</p> <p>(1) SPECIES - species name</p> <p>(2) PDI - species distribution along insolation gradient (MJ·m<sup>-2</sup>·d<sup>-1</sup>) (SD and <i>N</i> not available; see Ackerly et al. 2002, Oecologia <b>130</b>:449)</p> <p>(3) ESPD - early summer predawn water potential (MPa)</p> <p>(4) ESMD - early summer midday water potential (MPa)</p> <p>(5) LSPD - late summer predawn water potential (MPa)</p> <p>(6) LSMD - late summer midday water potential (MPa)</p> <p>(7) MinWP- minimum midday water potential (MPa), see paper</p> <p>(8) LogLLS - Log leaf life span (months)</p> <p>(9) SLA - Specific leaf area (mm<sup>2</sup>/mg)</p> <p>(10) A<sub>m</sub> - Carbon assimilation per unit mass (nmol·g<sup>-1</sup>·s<sup>-1</sup>)</p> <p>(11) N<sub>m</sub> - Leaf nitrogen per unit mass (mg/g)</p> <p>(12) P<sub>m</sub> - Leaf phosphorous per unit mass (mg/g)</p> <p>(13) A<sub>a</sub> - Carbon assimilation per unit area (µmol·m<sup>-2</sup>·s<sup>-1</sup>)</p> <p>(14) <i>g</i> - Stomatal conductance (mmol·m<sup>-2</sup>·s<sup>-1</sup>)</p> <p>(15) <i>E</i> - Transpiration (mmol·m<sup>-2</sup>·s<sup>-1</sup>)</p> <p>(16) <i>N</i><sub>a</sub> - Leaf nitrogen per unit area (g/m<sup>2</sup>)</p> <p>(17) PNUE - Photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency (µmol·mg<sup>-1</sup>·s<sup>-1</sup>)</p> <p>(18) WUE - Photosynthetic water use efficiency, <i>A</i><sub>a</sub>/g (µmol/mmol)</p> <p>(19) SqrtTXA - Sqrt twig cross-sectional area (mm<sup>2</sup>)</p> <p>(20) LogTwLng - log10 twig length (mm)</p> <p>(21) LogLfN - log10 leaf number</p> <p>(22) LogIntLng - log10 internode length (mm)</p> <p>(23) SqrtEffLA - Sqrt effective leaf area (mm<sup>2</sup>)</p> <p>(24) LogInfLng - log10 inflorescence length (mm)</p> <p>(25) LogLfPrd - log10 annual leaf production per shoot</p> <p>(26) LogTExt - log10 annual twig extension (mm)</p> <p>(27) LfAng - July leaf angle (°)</p> <p>(28) WdDen - Wood density (mg/mm<sup>3</sup>)</p> <p>(29) LogLA/SA - log10 leaf area/sapwood area (m<sup>2</sup>/m<sup>2</sup>)</p> <p>(30) VsDm - Vessel Diameter (µm)</p> <p>(31) LogHeight - log10 plant height (m) (log-transformed prior to calculation of mean, SD; multivariate analyses used a composite measure)</p> <p>(32) LogSpread - log10 canopy breadth (m) (derived from ancova; see text)</p> <p>(33) LogStNm - log10 number of stems at 1/10 of maximum height (log-transformed prior to calculation of mean, SD)</p> <p>(34) LogSdMass - log10 individual seed mass (mg) (log-transformed prior to calculation of mean, SD)</p> <p>(35) Onset - Month peak leaf flush (calendar month) (multivariate analyses used a composite measure)</p> <p>(36) Dur - Duration of leaf flush (months) (multivariate analyses used a composite measure)</p> <p>(37) LfDr - Month of first leaf drop (calendar month)</p> <p> </p>