Supplement 1. C++ source code to model the spatial distribution of fixed dispersal phenotypes as described in this paper and a short description of the program and its options.

File List

Animal.h (MD5: 8153e300d878df797b47e57d23dd5a6c)

Animal.cpp (MD5: 683e8c2c50db41f24112a96e7685d0b6)

Landscape.h (MD5: 0b0ad03fece5a776e37312d9ca3b6985)

Landscape.cpp (MD5: 995aef09ab98afc52476516734372275)

Main.cpp (MD5: 8eaff25cd44dda1f770d9a22435db513)

mersenne.cpp (MD5: 3aca9a8a7886793781b3e157a32825cd)

Parameters.h (MD5: f3b58e95205f9a80a768f2a15a53594a)

Parameters.cpp (MD5: 98844c290091a34b2cdc40b15db5f04b)

Predators.h (MD5: 381b096a56401a89af3b9ae6d69efc5b)

Predators.cpp (MD5: fd8ceed5b4085231c5c11b63ee80f631)

randomc.h (MD5: c9a7dd78ee8ffc00743f8346835638a8)

stoc1.cpp (MD5: cc18034beb9b8b47ccbf3a67c04c87a8)

stocc.h (MD5: 3748e5471bf7b8b1d8f16ac201e54f01)

userintf.cpp (MD5: 4b20c9c2a5b06636fbcbd66891834c7e)

readme.txt (MD5: b2fef2ece86f9574c562f8235f5fa648)


C++ individual-based model used in this study to model the spatial distribution of fixed dispersal phenotypes in a landscape consisting of n × n patches with spatiotemporal uncorrelated variation in K. The implementation of the model is fairly crude, in that model parameters are set within the file Parameters.cpp prior to compilation, and the model as it stands can therefore be run for only one set of parameters at a time. However, it would be possible to introduce for loops into the code within Main.cpp to vary parameters of interest. Technical information to run the model is described in the readme.txt file. Code was written by Stephen C. F. Palmer, to whom correspondence regarding these files should be addressed.