Supernatant from pUL11 treated cells inhibits IFNγ production.

<p>PBMC were incubated for 48h in the absence (w/o PHA) or presence of PHA alone (PHA) or together with conditioned medium from untreated PBMC (Con med) or from PBMC treated with anti-CD3 alone (Con anti-CD3) or with the addition of 50nM or 100nM of UL11Fc (Con UL11 50, Con UL11 100) or 50nM or 100nM of the Fc control (Con Fc 50, Con Fc 100). IFNγ concentration in the supernatants was measured by ELISA after 48h of incubation. (A) One representative experiment out of three is shown. Error bars show standard deviation of technical replicates. (B) Fold increase in IFNγ concentration in comparison to that from cells stimulated with PHA alone is shown for the three experiments combined (normalised to values for PHA stimulated cells). Background IFNγ signals present in the conditioned medium were subtracted. Error bars indicate standard deviation. Statistical significance of differences between groups was determined by ANOVA. *p = 0.0034 for the difference between IFNγ expression in supernatants from cultures incubated with conditioned medium from pUL11Fc treated cells and those incubated with conditioned medium from Fc treated cells.</p>