Sumatra. 41, Aceh

2017-07-24T02:59:28Z (GMT) by Kartomi, Margaret J.
Unpublished field recording by Margaret Kartomi -- Recorded 17 Dec. 1974 in SMA, Banda Aceh No.1. No title [Intro, seulaweut] ; No.2. No title [Seurunee kalee and tambo drumrolls] ; No.3. No title [Seurunee kalee and Rapa'i] No.4. No title [Seulawat] ; No.5. No title [Laweut/seudati inong] ; No.6. No title [Seurunee kalee] ; No.7. No title [SeurSeurunee kalee and Rapa'i] ; No.8. No title [Seurunee closing] ; No.9. No title [Orkes Malayu, Tamiang style (East Aceh)] ; No.10. No title [Tari/lagu kreasi baru] ; No.11. No title [Seurunee kalee and Rapa'i Original format: 1 sound cassette (90 min.) : analog. Copyright 1974. Margaret J. Kartomi