Sulforaphene attenuates multinucleation of pre-osteoclasts by suppressing expression of cell–cell fusion-associated genes <i>DC</i>-<i>STAMP</i>, <i>OC</i>-<i>STAMP,</i> and <i>Atp6v0d2</i>

<p>We assessed the effect of sulforaphene (SFE) on osteoclast differentiation. SFE significantly decreased the number of RANKL-induced tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase-positive cells and suppressed pre-osteoclast multinucleation. Furthermore, SFE downregulated mRNA expression of <i>DC</i>-<i>STAMP</i>, <i>OC</i>-<i>STAMP,</i> and <i>Atp6v0d2</i>, which encode cell–cell fusion molecules. Our data suggest that SFE attenuates pre-osteoclast multinucleation via suppression of cell–cell fusion.</p>