Study of the Young's Modulus in Microstructures through the Resonance Frequency Technique for Applications in Commercial CMOS Processes

The companies that manufacture devices with techniques inherited from microelectronics, called foundries, generally provide the electrical characteristics of the layers of their manufacturing processes, but they do not provide the mechanical parameters, which prevents the mechanical optimization of any design used in this manufacturing. Thus, the extraction of mechanical properties from the layers of a commercial process is important and it requires specific techniques and microstructures for this purpose. This work presents a study on the Young's modulus of cooper thin films using the resonance frequency technique to extract this parameter. The microstructures used for the application of the technique are cooper cantilevers with lengths of 100-700 µm, width 40 µm and thickness 2 µm suspended in such a way that it is possible to measure their resonant frequency. These structures are also simulated using the finite element method. The experimental results are compared with the simulations and presented equivalence.