Structure identification and variable selection in geographically weighted regression models

2017-04-11T07:00:41Z (GMT) by Wentao Wang Dengkui Li
<p>Geographically weighted regression (GWR) is an important tool for exploring spatial non-stationarity of a regression relationship, in which whether a regression coefficient really varies over space is especially important in drawing valid conclusions on the spatial variation characteristics of the regression relationship. This paper proposes a so-called GWGlasso method for structure identification and variable selection in GWR models. This method penalizes the loss function of the local-linear estimation of the GWR model by the coefficients and their partial derivatives in the way of the adaptive group lasso and can simultaneously identify spatially varying coefficients, nonzero constant coefficients and zero coefficients. Simulation experiments are further conducted to assess the performance of the proposed method and the Dublin voter turnout data set is analysed to demonstrate its application.</p>