Structural Invariance of a ZnII Coordination Polymer with 5-Aminoisophthalic Acid under Different Synthetic Conditions

<div><p>A same coordination polymer [Zn(aip)(DMSO)] (aip: 5-aminoisophthalate and DMSO: dimethylsulfoxide) was synthesized using the same reactants (ZnSO4, aip and H2O/DMSO) but in different conditions, in which the stoichiometry (1:1-4:1 metal:ligand ratio), temperature (70 and 100 °C) and synthetic method (liquid-liquid diffusion, solvothermal and conventional with stirring) varied. A liquid assisted mechanochemical approach using ZnO as ZnII source instead ZnSO4, but keeping DMSO as milling liquid, also resulted in the same compound. This new coordination polymer was investigated using single-crystal X-ray diffraction technique, revealing a two-dimensional honeycomb-type network formation. The crystal structure was compared with either similar or isostructural compounds reported in the literature. Our studies show that the synthetic method and other synthetic variables do not affect the formation of [Zn(aip)(DMSO)] coordination polymers and probe the high stability (thermodynamic and kinetic) and structural invariance of this structure.</p></div>