State of evidence: Migration, a positive driver for development. Migration displacement and briefing note series III. Oxfam-Monash Partnership

2018-10-03T01:45:11Z (GMT) by Sharon Pickering Rebecca Powell
Through the Oxfam-Monash Partnership, Oxfam commissioned a series of briefing notes on migration and displacement issues to identify and scope sources of data and information as a means to provide an evidence base around three key migration themes: Women and Irregular Migration; High Harm, High Volume Migration; and Migration: A positive driver for development?

This paper focuses on Migration: A positive driver for development?, with a particular focus on South East Asia. This ‘State of Evidence’ has been presented across the briefing note series as a platform from which Oxfam International and Oxfam Australia can best determine the policy, campaigning and advocacy work it can contribute in the area of migration and displacement.