Star-shaped discotic compounds with tetrazole and oxadiazole fragments

<p>Two series of star-shaped discotic compounds (<b>A</b> and <b>B</b>) were studied to establish the relationship between their molecular structure and mesogenity. Series <b>A</b> included 19 three-arm compounds with known mesomorphism. Series <b>B</b> consisted of 132 new compounds with unknown mesomorphism: pyromellitic and cyanuric acid derivatives, 5,5′-azo-<i>bis</i>-isophthalic and 4,4′-azodiphthalic acids and triphenylene derivatives. The columnar mesomorphism prediction data for both series were obtained using the original program <i>СМР ChemCard</i>. The prediction data for series <b>A</b> are in good agreement with the experimental results and the reliability of the prediction was estimated to be 89.5%. The same method was applied for series <b>B</b>. The prediction results were approved by the synthesis of individual representatives of series <b>B</b>. A good correlation of the prediction with the experimental data was revealed.</p>