Stability limits and consolute critical conditions for liquid mixtures

<p>This work addresses the determination of stability limits and consolute critical conditions for multicomponent liquid mixtures. Using the NRTL model, thermodynamic stability and criticality criteria are implemented for ternary liquid mixtures to predict stability limit loci and critical composition at its specified temperature and pressure. The method is general and applicable for the prediction of spinodal curves and critical points for liquid–liquid-phase transitions in multicomponent liquid mixture using liquid–liquid equilibrium data even over a limited range of composition. Stability limits’ loci for 18 aqueous and 3 nonaqueous ternary liquid mixtures were used in validating the method. For ternary systems that were studied over the whole composition range including the critical zone, where experimental compositions at the critical point were available, the predicted results agree with the experimental measurements within 0.7 mol%.</p>