Sputum weight and cells comparing smokers and non-smokers during treatment with Tyloxapol and saline.

(A, C and E) represent the Tyloxapol group, and (B, D and F) represent the saline group. (A-B) Sputum weight before processing. (C-D) the total cells and (E-F) the neutrophils. Sample size: A: n = 36 vs. 20, B: n = 33 vs. 18, C: n = 24 vs. 13, D: n = 22 vs. 12, E: n = 23 vs. 11, F: n = 22 vs. 9. Graphs show the pooled patients at all 3 visits and are separated by smoking status. Bars represent the median. ** p < 0.01; p-values were calculated using the Mann-Whitney test.