Sporulation in <i>sinRR’</i> mutant.

<p><b>(A)</b> Phase contrast microscopy of paraformaldehyde-fixed R20291::<i>sinRR’</i> strains revealed no spores. <b>(B)</b> R20291::<i>sinRR’</i> was asporogenic as shown in representative TEM images in comparison with the parent strain. Black arrows indicate mature spores in parent strains. <b>C.</b> Asporulation phenotype of <i>sinRR’</i> mutant could not be complemented. Sporulation frequency (CFU/ml of ethanol resistant spores) of R20291, <i>sinRR’</i> mutant and mutant complemented with different constructs were determined. The <i>sinRR’</i> mutant strain expressing <i>spo0A</i> from its own promoter was also included in this analysis. Below the sporulation frequency graph is the multiplex-western blot analysis of <i>sinRR’</i> mutant complemented strain proteins using Spo0A and GDH specific antibodies.</p>