Spectra of environmental variables; Bathymetric map of the Grotto edifice; Instruments used in the study from Astronomical and atmospheric impacts on deep-sea hydrothermal vent invertebrates

Fig. S1. Normalized spectra of measured environmental variables with identified periodicity bands. Degrees of freedom used to generate the spectra ranged from 24 to 98 based on the length and resolution of the time series. The spectrum of currents was obtained from the mean of 4 mab and 30 mab data.; Fig. S2. High-resolution bathymetric map of the Grotto active hydrothermal edifice and location of the TEMPO-mini site (black triangle). The 10 m high sulphide structure is located in the Main Endeavour Field vent field (47°56.958'N, 129°5.899'W) on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, northeast Pacific.; Table S1. List of instruments used in this study, summarizing the characteristics, the habitat conditions as well as the periods for each variable of interest, and the principal investigators responsible for the instruments.