Specificity of Multi-Modal Aphid Defenses against Two Rival Parasitoids - Fig 3

<p><b>Effect of <i>H</i>. <i>defensa</i> and APSE strain on aphid susceptibility to (A) <i>Aphidius ervi</i> and (B) <i>Praon pequodorum</i>.</b> The three aphid clonal lines used here are of a single genotype (AS3) and are <u>uninfected</u> with <i>H</i>. <i>defensa</i> (line AS3ø), infected with <u><i>H</i>. <i>defensa+</i>APSE2</u> (line AS3+APSE2), and infected with <u><i>H</i>. <i>defensa</i>+APSE3</u> (line AS3+APSE3). P < 0.0001, <0.0001, = 0.0078 for survival, mummification, and mortality, respectively (GzLM). Letters indicate significant differences (Arcsine transformed Tukey’s HSD α  = 0.05). See ‘<a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0154670#pone.0154670.t003" target="_blank">Table 3</a>‘ for GzLM effect tests of <i>H</i>. <i>defensa</i> infection and APSE strain on aphid susceptibility.</p>