Spatial variation in model predicted mitochondrial reaction rates and O<sub>2</sub> profiles for cross section 1.

<p>All the figures were generated by using same colour spectrum range. (A): Steady state O<sub>2</sub> profiles showing steep O<sub>2</sub> gradients in the vicinity of the sarcolemma. In the hypoxic case, it also leads to the formation of an anoxic core with negligible O<sub>2</sub> level (B): The reduction of oxygen at complex IV is inhibited in hypoxia, while it is uniform across the section in normoxia. (C): Hypoxia leads to a steep gradient in the model predictions for mitochondrial membrane potential (D): Under normoxia Complex V (F<sub>1</sub>-F<sub>0</sub> ATP synthase) reaction rate is nearly uniform across the cell with slight variation near the larger mitochondrial clusters. However, ATP synthesis at Complex V is inhibited in the anoxic core under hypoxia.</p>