Source data of Green's function and figure files.

2019-10-23T10:12:44Z (GMT) by HO KIN TANG
In the article of "The role of electron-electron interactions in two dimensional Dirac fermions", we present the analysis of the unequal time Green's function to find the Fermi velocity according to the first excitation energy. This link provide both the source data of Green's function datGF.mat and the .fig files in the article.

This matlab data file includes the source data of unequal time Green's function for every parameters we simulated in projective quantum Monte Carlo. We study the fermionic model with the on-site Hubbard U and the long range Coulomb interaction \alpha on honeycomb lattice. \gamma is the ratio between on-site interaction and long-range Coulomb interaction.

The file contain a list of three levels. In the first level of the list, we classify the data according to the parameter \gamma, U and lattice size L. In second level, we list out all the Green's function (G_k(tau)=) of momentum k=(kx,ky) for both conduction band (c.b.) and valence band (v.b.). In our simulation, we find G(tau=0 to 10) in the imaginary time interval of 0.1. The Green function format is that the first column is tau label, the second column is the Green's function, and the third column is the error estimation of the Green's function.

For example, if we search the unequal time Green's function of valence band at the Dirac point (4.18,0) for \gamma=1.227, U=6.5 and lattice size L=15. We can access by datGF{437,6}{226,4}, which gives the Green's function and associated error in term of imaginary time. The Green's function here are calculated by averaging the data bins in converged Monte Carlo process.

v2 - Typo corrected - Fig1_update.fig (originally Fig1.fig)
v3 - Added the dataset of our reply to the comments to datGF_v3.mat, and the figure Reply_Figure_1.fig.