Some contributions from psychoanalysis to education from the concepts of transference and speech

2017-06-01T02:59:48Z (GMT) by Rosa Maria Marini Mariotto
<p></p><p>ABSTRACT Starting from the assumption that the pedagogical relationship is implicit in human relationships, education develops much more by the bond established than by the acquired knowledge that we express to the other. In this way, this article intends to investigate some contributions that psychoanalysis can offer to the field of education. First circumscribing the transference concept in order to reflect upon the teacher-student tie, and, next presenting the concept of discourse and its modalities proposed by Lacan. This concept articulates with the fact that, considering the bonds among education, sciences, educators and learners, the discourse makes turns; it never remains in a single discursive mode, interfering in learning.</p><p></p>