Soilogic Groundings (Towards Dirtier Philosophies of Creative Interchange)

This discussion will focus on soils as more than human subjects who are both living entities and ‘lenses’ through which we may begin to rethink some of the conventional parameters of ecology, communication, and even the grounding of traditional Western ontologies on which these boundaries have stood.[1] Just as the very term “more than human” potentially exceeds the relegation of both soilogic agents and animalities to subservient status, likewise this discussion embarks from a more than humanist (“posthumanist”) position.[2] As we attempt to look at living systems and ways of being in broader, more expansive terms, it becomes possible to catch conceptual glimpses of less hierarchical ontologies as understood by some more than Western cultures. This presages dirty thinking. My collaborators and I have also drawn inspiration from artistic, theoretical, and political movements in the West that have sought to interrupt the primacy of Eurocentric humanism in institutions and philosophical arenas.

[1] Ontologies refers here to what and how are living entities (beings) more than to the larger phenomenological field of being (existence) as a whole.

[2] We use the term "animalities" rather than "animals" in this discussion to denote, as closely as we can imagine, the totality of animals, both animal bodies and their conceptual role in various philosophical traditions.



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