Social determinants of health related to adhesion to mammography screening

<div><p>ABSTRACT Objective: To identify proximal, intermediary and individual social determinants related to mammography adherence, according to the Social Determinants of Health model proposed by Dahlgren and Whitehead. Method: Correlational cross-sectional study, carried out with a sociodemographic and clinical data questionnaire and the Champion's Health Belief Model Scale, translated and adapted for use in Brazil. Data analyzed by multiple linear regression, from the domains scale, and sociodemographic and clinical variables were used as predictors. Results: The age group of 60-64 years (55.0%) was highlighted, 22 (55.0%) women had a stable partner; and 14 (65.0%) completed higher education. The domain with the greatest influence on adhesion to mammography was perceived barriers. Conclusion: The social determinants of health are directly related to the levels of adherence to the exam among women, as well as the perceived benefits, susceptibilities and barriers.</p></div>