Social Brain Freesurfer ROIs

2013-06-20T14:13:02Z (GMT) by Kathryn Mills

This fileset contains eight Freesurfer annot files for four social brain regions of interest (ROI). Social brain regions of interest include medial Brodmann Area 10 (mBA10), temporoparietal junction (TPJ), posterior superior temporal sulcus (pSTS) and anterior temporal cortex (ATC). Details regarding the definition of the ROIs are described here: doi:10.1093/scan/nss113. 


In brief: The medial portion of BA10 was defined using the PALS B12 Brodmann atlas projected onto an averaged Freesurfer template (Van Essen, 2005). From this atlas, the BA10 label was selected, and any area of this label located outside of the medial cortex was eliminated. The TPJ was defined using the border coordinates of a functional subdivision generated in a previous study (Mars et al., 2012). This study defined three consistent functional subregions within a larger TPJ area in the right hemisphere, each with unique functional and structural connectivity profiles. Of the three subregions, we chose to use the posterior TPJ subregion, as it was functionally connected to other areas of the social brain, such as mBA10 and ATC (Mars et al., 2012). The pSTS region was created by extending the Desikan-Killiany Atlas defined bank STS (Fischl et al., 2004; Desikan et al., 2006) to the border of the TPJ. The ATC was defined by extending the temporal pole, defined as Brodmann Area 38 in the PALS B12 Brodmann atlas, back to include areas of the ATC recruited during mentalizing tasks in previous fMRI studies (see Olson et al., 2007 for a review).


*** For those of you experiencing holes in your labels ****

A few people have contacted me about seeing holes in their label files when applying these regions to participants with Freesurfer. I had a similar problem when I used the Freesurfer mri_label2label command. The way to avoid this issue is to use the mri_surf2surf command. Here's an example of the code:

mri_surf2surf --srcsubject fsaverage --trgsubject $SUBJID --hemi lh --sval-annot $SUBJECTS_DIR/SCAN2012ANNOT/lh.TPJ.annot --tval lh.TPJ.annot

You can extract the measurements from the annot mris_anatomical_stats command (use the -a option).



CC BY 4.0