Social Adventure through Design & Making: Experiences of the IDIS Chair - Industry, Design & Social Innovation

How can the process of making objects create meaning and belonging for the agents involved?  Through two objects and their process of making, we propose a journey in a territory, its people and a continuing history.  This journey is meant to expose how meaning and belonging can be created by the process of making (objects); and moreover how this aim could be reached in the situation of a research through design.  According to a heuristic approach, each situation created by the IDIS Chair is an opportunity to probe models of production and reflect on the ability of design to mediate experimental and valuable social experiences of work and creation.  The IDIS Chair has thus invited design students and young designers to meet and engage with various local companies and know-hows.  It also helps them to develop communication tools to make social innovation visible and graspable, so that the general public understand the added human value of such objects.  With the help of graphic designers and an anthropologist, experiential books, production cartographies and social mappings are under construction and probing for this purpose.